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We supply only from leading Garage Door manufacturers such as Hormann, Gliderol and Garador.

If you’re looking for a Garage Door installation or maybe a repair to your existing door, speak to BD Lincoln today. We can offer assistance with all manner of enquiries, with a customer-focused service that is second to none. All of our technicians receive the highest possible training in order that we can provide you with a number of options for your Garage Doors. Whether you need a sectional garage door, up and over garage doorroller garage door, industrial garage doors or a new security door for your business, call BD Lincoln today.

With many years of experience that offers quality workmanship, fully guaranteed & value for money. We can supply any of the garage door brands available and we will always give you our honest and impartial advice to help you make the right decision, please feel free to contact via email or telephone for free advice. Written quotes are available on a free, no obligation basis and our work is supported by a range of after-sales services, including an installation warranty.

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Inclusive price with no added extras, unlike competitors. Quick, efficient, clean& tidy workmanship. Very happy wit the quality and price.

Nick Redfern

Great service from Howard and his team, willing to go the extra mile. Would recommend without hesitation.

Gareth Baxter

As a supplier, Howard and the team have represented the Hormann brand very well.  Excellent workmanship, a great showroom and just great people.

Luke Freeman

Frequently Asked

My garage door does not stay open

When the garage door or shutter in question does not stay open, it usually means there is a faulty spring or spring system. These springs should not be fixed or replaced by yourself unless if you are trained to do so. Doing this is very dangerous and can lead to injuries or further damage to the door if it is not done correctly.

My garage door is not closing all the way

There are potentially a few problems that can cause your garage door or shutter to not close all the way. In the case of automatic doors, it might be due to the limit switch. This will need to be analysed by a professional to make sure the system is correctly working. Obstructions to the garage door or the photo eye sensor can often cause the garage door to reach the ground, but then reverse back up again. Ensuring there is nothing in the way of either of these stops the need of calling someone to view your garage door. However, with manual garage doors, broken cables, bent tracks or worn parts are a common problem with why a garage door cannot close all the way.

My garage door is sticking or completely stuck

A garage door should easily move along its tracks to open and close, keeping your property and possessions secure. However, the door might start sticking during operation or get completely stuck. This issue stems from a bent track or a broken moving part like a pulley. All parts of a garage door are required to be in working condition for the garage door to operate effectively or at all. If any parts are damaged, we highly recommend calling a professional to get your garage door inspected and those damaged parts replaced.Sometimes a garage door might stop moving simply due to obstructions in the tracks. Inspect and remove anything that could be potentially causing the garage door to stop moving. Sticking can be caused simply through lack of lubrication. Moving parts in the door are pressed against others to make the door move. The track is usually a big part of this so ensuring that during your regular maintenance, you include the application of lubrication of moving parts will make sure that your garage door is working how it should.

My garage door closes too quickly

A garage door is made to be safe when used around people and possessions. This is through making sure it closes slowly and reacts to anything that is blocking its path. However, when certain parts of the garage door become worn or damaged, it can make the garage door a potential danger to people, animals and vehicles. The system can then become unable to react to anything blocking the garage doors path, causing it to quickly close on anything that is in its path. This problem stems from a snapped spring or cable which will require immediate replacement to get the door running safely and effectively again.

My garage door has cracks or gaps in the door or sealant

Garage doors undergo constant use and eventually can receive damage that causes cracks or splits to form in the door sealant. This comes with many problems. Not only does it make your garage door unappealing, it will also affect the doors ability to be weathertight. This can lead to water build up and entering your property due to poor weather conditions. This can cause further damages. This also affects the security of your garage. If any sealants are showing signs of wear or damage, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

My automated garage door won’t close

Garage doors and shutters are used a lot by homeowners and commercial businesses. This makes them some of the highest traffic areas with family or employees using it every day. Due to the high traffic, it is very easy to cause the safety sensors to move. If your garage door or shutter does not close, we would suggest that you check the safety sensors and adjust them so they are correct.



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