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Sectional Garage Door Installation

A range of sectional garage doors & insulated sectional garage doors. Eelegant automatic sectional doors open vertically, meaning you have more space both inside and in front of the garage.

Sectional doors fit anywhere, no matter whether your garage opening is rectangular or chamfered, or whether it has a segmental or Norman arch. The other great benefit is that sectional doors are made in standard sizes, meaning it is easy to modernise if you feel the need.


Overall Impression

The harmonious overall impression of a door is the result of many small details. For instance, side frames that match sectional doors with white Woodgrain surface as standard. For coloured doors and doors with Silkgrain® or Decograin® surfaces, you optionally receive frame covering in the surface and colour of the door leaf. At BD Lincoln, the fascia panel always matches the door. For a perfect fit. You will receive a garage door and side door with accurately aligned, continuous ribbing and panel segmenting. The panel transitions are produced accurately and can hardly be seen. This is proof of the high production quality of construction components.

Weather-resistant long-term protection

The plastic frame shoe protects your door in the long term against potential damage by rust, also in new garages. And, unlike competitor's solutions, it also provides protection in waterlogged situations. The frame shoe encloses the frame in the rust-prone area – only this can offer effective long-term protection. Together with the door's bottom seal, the frame shoe makes a bottom edge that is visually appealing, as well.

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Highly scratch-resistant DURATEC® glazings

Use glazings to design your garage door individually: coordinated to the windows, entrance door and architecture of your home. The DURATEC® synthetic glazings of Hörmann sectional doors are extremely scratch-resistant and remain transparent permanently, even after multiple cleanings and heavy use.


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